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The GoldRing
Healing Fountain

GoldRing  Healing  Fountain

A network of Healers & Holistic Health practitioners
from a wide range of modalities & disciplines,

who view people as dignified & sacred multi-dimensional
beings of Divine Light along this material plane,

and use an integrated approach, to provide the healing
modalities, to address all dimensions of healing, in order to
facilitate a person’s Ascension Process.

This is a Co-Creative Process that requires the individual
to commit to, and actively partake in achieving their own
balance while we offer the space for collaboration.

The Healing Fountain - The GoldRing Healing Fountain

This Process requires working with the individual on a multi-dimensional level. Treating the whole person, helping the person to bring the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of his or her being into greater harmony. With the emphasis on fostering the self regenerative and self reparatory processes.

In addition to promoting and practicing this integrated mind-body-spirit approach to Co-Creating wholeness & well being, we aim to be a transformative educational platform for accessing information and expertise in a wide range of healing modalities, to empower individuals to sovereignly reclaim health, balance & spiritual vibrancy.

Fall in Switzerland

Healers and Healing Service Providers
are welcome to post a page and build this site.

We wish to gather many Healers and a wide range of Healing Techniques
in order to offer a wide option to those in need of Healing
and as much information as possible to assist them.

All Healers and Health Practitioners are invited to join
our collective efforts to enhance this vision. It is our aim to collaborate with Healers and Health Practitioners of a wide range
of disciplines, to offer a dynamic range of empowering resources, through which to Co-Create in their own personal journeys of healing, balance & spiritual rebirth.

Mandala ~ by Violet_Light

We are also uniting to form an
Energetic Healing Team
in order to gather and collectively focus
Healing Energies
to those in need


If you wish to become a part of this team please post
your name on the
Healing Team Members page.

Mandala ~ by Violet_Light

True Healers are those who choose
to serve as vehicles of Spirit
in order to Serve Humanity
They have become Beacons of the Heart
who Love Unconditionally
and possess the simple loving ability
to channel the Light

Water Fall

Those wishing for healing,
for themselves, loved ones in need,
or events that you wish to have intentions focused
upon, are invited to post healing requests in the
thread at the bottom of the page:


GoldRing Healing  Fountain

GoldRing Healing Fountain
on Blog Talk Radio

Every Monday at 5pm EST

Collective Healing for All on the
Healing Temple Request page and thread

Mandala ~ by Violet_Light

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The  GoldRing Game of  Enlightenment  and Abundance

The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment and Abundance

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